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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine dates back thousands of years.

Herbal constituents are classified by their innate nature. Each herb targets particular organs, body functions and body region. In Chinese Medicine each herb affects the Yin or the Yang. Influences the Qi, blood, fluids, bone, m...

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I specialise in Chinese Herbal Medicine and treatments such as Acupuncture and Physical Therapy to help with Pain Relief. If you are suffering from Back Pain call today

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Qi Gong breathing techniques increases the body’s oxygen supplies by utilising diaphragmatic breathing. Qi Gong has been practiced in China for thousands of years. Take advantage of this free video series, designed to help you care for yourself.

Qi Gong assists with core abdominal strength, fle...

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My services include:

Herbal Medicine- Melbourne Traditional Chinese Medicine - Caulfield
1 hour

The session will start with attaining a detailed medical history and Traditional Chinese medical diagnosis, Tongue and Pulse diagnosis. Time permitting a complementary acupuncture treatment while I ...

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In the West we have been conditioned to seek health intervention when we are sick. By this stage the body is already in a weakened state and has to eliminate the illness before it can regain strength.

Chinese medicine offers a world of wellness that prevents dis-ease by keeping our body from bei...

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Lower back pain is one of the most common issues presented at my clinic. More often than not, some form of pre-existing weakness or physical fatigue leads to its onset and is commonly triggered by simultaneous forward bending with rotational movement with or without lifting.

We offer various tr...

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Acupunture, Osteopathy & Chiropractors remain open by AHPRA. Government encourages these modalities to remain open to reduce the demand on hospitals.

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Dr Udi Tal is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner who provides services such as Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Physical Therapy.

With more than 25 years of clinical experience and ongoing professional development in the field of Natural and Chinese medicine, you can be assur...

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We AHPRA & CMBA registered practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). Offering private health insurance rebate.

Our services include Acupuncture, physical therapy, Chinese herbal medicine and pain relief.

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9 months ago
I have tried Chiro and physiology to fix my next with no success. Dr Udi Tal got results for me straight away. It will take a few sessions but I am confident in his expertise. Thank you.
- Patrick M
7 months ago
How do you describe nerve PAIN, INFLAMMATION, TENDONITIS, BURSITIS? It's frustrating, you can't do much!! I was living with chronic pain for a very long time, shoulders, lower back, knees, sciatica, numbness on my foot FINALLY a relief after few treatments by Dr. Ehud Udi Tal. I feel so much better, lighter the pain is manageable if any. Also I have adapted the Qi Kung exercises prescribed to deal with every day stress etc, and its working. Dr Ehud is a real Master of this trade, dedicated, passionate and with a good sense of humour. Thank you very much Dr. Ehud for your dedication and service!
- Eugenio G
a year ago
I had a chronic condition for years which didn't resolve through western medicine. But it got resolved in just 3 acupuncture sessions with Dr Ehud (along with changes to my diet). The chinese herbs he gave me was very helpful as well. He is very polite, friendly and knows what he does. I highly recommend Dr Ehud.
- I a

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

With over 23 Years of Clinical experience, Using Traditional Chinese Medicine 
For the treatment of the following conditions and so much more...

TMJ (Jaw Pain)
Back pain and Sciatica
Spinal pain and stiffness
Neck pain (rye neck)

Trigeminal Neuralgia
Tennis / Golfers Elbow

Frozen Shoulder & Rotator Cuff
Carpal Tunnel
Bone, Muscle & Nerve pain
Sprains & Strains
Sport Injuries (all kinds)
Arthritis & Joint Pain
Post-operative Recovery

Headaches / Migraines
Cluster Headaches
Sinusitis & Allergies

Dizziness & Vertigo
Tinnitus (ringing in ears)

Asthma & Hay-fever
Bell’s Palsy
Post-Stroke issues

Depression & Mania
Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Insomnia & Anxiety

Morning Sickness
Obstetric Support & Induction
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Male Impotence & Men's Health
PMT & Other Menstrual Issues
PCOS, Fertility Support
PMS, Amenorrhoea
Painful Periods
Menopausal Syndrome
Hot Flushes

Eczema, Psoriasis
Dermatitis & Acne
Skin Boils & Rashes
Rosacea & Hives

Diarrhoea & Constipation
Indigestion, IBS
Bloating & Flatulence
Nausea & reflux

Dizziness & Vertigo
Tinnitus & Maniers

Cold, Cough & Flu
Soft Tissue Injuries
Post Fracture Bone Healing
Post Stroke Rehab Support
Shingles & Shingle Recovery

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